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DHS work with Bath University features in the on line Daily Mail >>

Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd is a materials technology company and solution provider to high endurance applications of a unique amorphous diamond material; Adm™ which gives extended life in high temperature, chemically aggressive and abrasive environments.

Using our patented process we are able to coat substrates from steel to thermoplastics giving components reduced friction, wear resistance and load carrying characteristics over and above traditional materials and other coated surfaces. The low temperatures at which the coating can be applied mean that there is minimal effect on the substrate material and the process is applicable to a wider range of materials.

Unlike other coatings, Adm Diamond Hard Surfaces do not require sophisticated and lengthy sub-layer preparation nor any post processing such as polishing. Components with our coatings are currently under test with many blue chip companies in the markets in which we operate. Our technology has been protected by patent and the manufacturing process has been developed in the company’s laboratory facilities.

The company has established a manufacturing and development facility on Caswell Science and Technology Park near Towcester, Northamptonshire in the UK From which we service our customers around the globe.


Extreme Hardness

Low process temperature

Excellent substrate Adhesion

Low coefficient of Friction

No pre or post treatment

Conformal to surface

Great Abrasion Resistance


DHS launches Adm tm MS08 material for mechanical seal faces >>

DHS launches mechanical seal face measurement service.


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