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Company awarded ISO9001 and ISO14001 status by SGS

DHS launches new website

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20th February 2011 - CEO, Chris Walker interviewed by BBC.

The BBC interviewed Chris Walker as part of their 'On the Money' program on BBC 5 live and their news channel. The BBC’s ‘On the Money’ programme is a weekly business programme which airs on both radio (BBC 5Live, 8 – 9pm Sundays) and TV (BBC News Channel, 9.30pm Sundays).


19/10/2010 - Company launches new website.

The company today launched a new website designed to reflect a more contemporary design and share more information with customers and potential customers about the benefits of its technology.

01/10/2010 - Diamond Hard Surfaces appears in Eureka Magazine

The company was cited in Eureka magazines October edition in in the "Steel advances" article.

31/07/2010 - Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd awarded ISO 9001 and ISO14001

9 months after commissioning the first UK production capability and only 6 months after starting on the path towards ISO9001 and ISO14001the company has achieved both. The certifications was monitored and assessed by the international standard body SGS.

01/06/2010- Company mentioned in Materials World Article

Diamond Hard were mentioned in the June Edition of Materials World. Read more here >>

09/02/2010 - Company supports Nano Modified Performance Surfaces Report

The company was instrumental in the work which has recently been carried out as part of the UK Nanotechnology KTN's HiPerNano group culminating in a strategic report of high performance surfaces. The report has recently bee published and is available through the UK Nanotechnology KTN. More >>

01/01/2010 - Diamond Hard Surfaces features in Namtec Review

The company was quoted in the recent review of 2009 activities of the National Materials Technology Centre, citing the successful participation at Offshore Europe. Diamond Hard are active members of the Special Metals Forum.


01/12/2009 - Company wins TSB grant in Technology Feasibility bid

Diamond Hard has won a TSB (UK technology Strategy Board) grant to look at the feasibility of applying its technology to solve the problems of erosion and corrosion in pipes and tubes. The companies bid was one of only 70 selected from a total entry of over 2000 to receive funding. The program is in line with market demand from its customer base and will run until the end of February 2010.

09/12/2009 - Company presents at "Developing New Aerospace Technologies Event"

Diamond Hard Surfaces have been asked to present at the Midlands Aerospace Alliance event organised event in Derby which focuses on best practice for developing new technology through collaborative relationships between research organisations and business for the Aerospace Market.

31/10/2009 - First components delivered from the new facility

In the month following the commissioning of the first production capacity in the new facility customers have started to receive coated components.

30/09/2009 - Company commissions first production capability in new facility

Diamond Hard Surfaces announced that the first production capacity in its new facility had now been successfully completed and commissioned. The principal of "copy exact" has been employed to reproduce results from the development process but on a larger scale.

30/6/2009 - Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd relocate to Caswell Science and Technology Park

The company completed its move to its new location at Caswell and Science and Technology Park, Towcester, Northants . The internal fit out of the building and creation of a cleanroom process area has been completed and installation and commissioning of the process equipment has started.

24/03/2009 - Diamond Hard announce location of their new facility

The company signed an agreement with the management company responsible for Caswell and Science and Technology Park, Towcester, Northants becoming the first technology based business to become a tenant in this development.


01/12/2008 - Diamond Hard appear in Nanotechnology Magazine

An article on Diamond Hard Surfaces featured in the 9th Edition of Nanotechnology magazine. The magazine covered the use of nanomaterials for extreme environments. See more >>

24/11/2008 - Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd secures funding to set up a UK Facility

Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd has secured £570,000 in funding to build its first UK development and production facility. Diamond Hard Surfaces has developed a thick Diamond-like Carbon coating with unusually extreme surface properties – as slick as PTFE, with hardness approaching that of diamond and the toughness of carbon-fibre. The funding round follows on from the company receiving its first production orders.

27/10/2008 - Diamond Hard present at Korean Nano mission

Diamond Hard Surfaces presented their technology to a UKTI inward mission at BERR 1, Victoria Street, London. The event was part of the Nanotechnology week organised to promote UK technology to various inward missions from overseas.

12/08/2008 - Diamond Hard present at KBR

Diamond Hard Surfaces were invited to present their technology to Engineering Consultancy Group KBR. The presentation was well attended and generated much interest.

15-16/09/2008 - Diamond Hard Surfaces at Farnborough 2008

The company availed themselves of their membership of the MAA to have a presence at Farnborough 2008.

24/06/2008 - Diamond Hard Present at MW Kellogg

Diamond Hard Surfaces were invited to present their technology to Engineering Consultancy Group MW Kellogg. The presentation was well attended and generated much interest.

19/05/2008 - Diamond Hard Present at HiPerNano Conference in London

More than 130 people attended the HiPerNano Conference in London on the 19th May which was organised by the Nanotechnology KTN. The event was designed to highlight the potential and growing usage of nanotechnologies to enhance high performance applications. Chris Walker and Sergey Aleksandrov attended the event and Chris presented a paper on the use of DLC's in high performance applications. Other key note speakers included Airbus UK and E-on.

10/03/2008 - Chris Walker presents to International Audience in Berlin

Chris Walker presented Diamond Hard to a group of more than 50 invited guests at the recent nano conference held at the British Embassy in Berlin as part of the nanomaterials applications in Energy and the Environment Mission organised by the Nanomaterials KTN. The event focused on ways in which nanotechnology could help industry to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Diamond Hards' presentation focused on the energy savings due to the low friction properties of its materials.

07/03/2008 - Diamond Hard Selected to present paper at IMechE's Fluid Machinery Conference

Diamond Hard Surfaces has been selected to present a paper by the organising committee of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers prestigious Fluid Machinery Conference to be held in Amsterdam in April. The paper will focus on the benefits to be gained from the use of ultra DLC's in pumps, valves and other fluid machinery.

28/01/2008  - Diamond Hard Surfaces Appoints Managing Director

Chris H Walker has been appointed as Managing Director of Diamond Hard Surfaces to lead the company to the next stage of its business growth.

Extreme Hardness

Low process temperature

Excellent substrate Adhesion

Low coefficient of Friction

No pre or post treatment

Conformal to surface

Great Abrasion Resistance



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