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Currently Diamond Hard Surfaces produce 3 distinct grades of Adamant® coating. Each is suitable for different applications and differing component finished conditions. Our Engineering and Development team can help you to determine the best grade for your application.

These materials offer unique advantages over other available materials due to the patented production process. The process takes place at low temperature - making it possible to coat a wide variety of substrates, the thickness can be varied according to the application and the material has extremely good load bearing characteristics and wear resistance.

Adamant® 010
This coating is suitable for parts requiring a high level of surface finish accuracy, operating under high speed and medium loading conditions. The coating thickness can be varied according to the demands of the application between 1 and 10 um. For best results in terms of reduced friction both the moving and stationary parts should be coated.

Adamant® 030
This coating is suitable for components with surface roughness between 0.1 Ra and 0.3 Ra in medium to high loading conditions in the presence of low/medium level abrasive media. The coating thickness can be varied according to the demands of the application between 10 and 30µm.

Adamant® 050
This coating is suitable for components where the surface roughness of the application is non-critical, but where the application is subject to the highest of loading loading conditions and most arduous of applications including temperature, speed and abrasive media. We are currently exploring the upper limits of the coating thickness for this grade of diamond hard surface, currently the upper limit is around 50-60µm.

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Extreme Hardness

Low process temperature

Excellent substrate Adhesion

Low coefficient of Friction

No pre or post treatment

Conformal to surface

Great Abrasion Resistance


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