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In the oil, gas and in chemical processing sectors mechanical seals are critical components in ensuring safe and efficient operation. Although many configurations are available most work on the principal of sealing the high pressure process side of the operation from the low pressure side, usually by means of 2 high speed rotating discs with a minimal and closely controlled gap between them.

Modern mechanical seals can rotate at speeds from 1200 RPM up to and beyond 60,000 RPM and protect equipment such as pumps and compressors. The high speed rotating faces are usually made from ceramic and hard metal materials such as Silicon carbide and Tungsten Carbide.

When these faces meet during dry running conditions ; at start up or due to process interruption, the faces come together and can fail in as little as 30 seconds potentially compromising the equipment they are protecting.

Our coating is used to protect these faces from failure in dry running conditions extending their life in critical operating conditions and thus giving the operator time to react to the changes in conditions before equipment is compromised.

The low friction, conformal hard surface provided by our coating is ideally suited to minimising heat generation and friction caused in this sliding contact, dry running condition. We coat parts up to 300mm and beyond in diameter for customers around the world who are looking for enhanced performance and safety in critical applications. Typical applications include the pharmaceutical industry where seals and other equipment are steam cleaned between process runs.

We are also able to coat metallic surfaces for these types of application. For more information please contact us now sealfaces@diamondhardsurfaces.com

Adm™ MS 08 using our unique, low temperature, patented,
ultra high vacuum process .we have adapted a product to
meet the demands of the Mechanical Seal sector.

By modifying our standard coating using dopants we have
been able to give seal faces optimal lifetime under dry
running conditions.

The material has been shown to improve performance by as
much as 50% vs. our standard material. It is suitable for parts requiring a high level of surface finish accuracy, operating under high speed and medium loading conditions.

Extreme Hardness

Low process temperature

Excellent substrate Adhesion

Low coefficient of Friction

No pre or post treatment

Conformal to surface

Great Abrasion Resistance


DHS launches Adm tm MS08 material for mechanical seal faces


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