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24th November 2008 - Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd raises venture finance

Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd has secured £570,000 in funding to establish it's first UK development and production facility. The company was founded in 2005 by the inventor, Sergey Aleksandrov, backed by Oxford Technology 4 VCT Plc.  This finance round welcomes in several new angel investors and E6 Ventures Sarl, sector specialist investors affiliated to Element Six (E6), a $500m manufacturer of ‘supermaterials’ that outperform existing classes of materials. For more information click here >>

19th May 2008 - Company presents to 130 High Performance professionals at HiPerNano, London, UK

The company was invited to present its new technology as part of a showcase of Nano technology to high performance Industry sectors such as Aerospace, Oil and Gas and Energy. The event attracted more than 130 people interested in learning about how nanotechnology could extend the performance of their applications. Partnering meetings were set up and the event had a busy and innovative atmosphere. The event was organised by the Nanotechnology KTN part of the UK governments Knowledge transfer network.

21st April 2008 - Company presents at IMechE 10th Fluid Machinery Congress Amsterdam, NL

The company presented a paper at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers recent 10th Fluid Machinery Conference in Amsterdam. The 3 day event which focuses on the technical needs of Rotating Equipment Engineering was attended by over 90 people from the compressor, mechanical seal and turbomachinery industry throughout Europe.For more information click here >>

15th April 2008 - Diamond Hard Surfaces feature in the BVAA's Valve User Magazine

Diamond Hard Surfaces Ltd were featured in the BVAA's Valve User magazine spring edition. For more information click here >>

4th April 2008 - Diamond Hard present at HiPerNano 2008; Finding Nanomaterials Solutions for Engineering Problems 19 May 2008, London UK

The company will present at an event organised by the UK's Nano KTN in May on the use of nano materials for high performance applications. The HiPerNano event (High Performance Nano-Enhanced Materials for Extreme Environments) will provide an opportunity for manufacturers and end-users to hear from and meet the people behind the latest developments. Other speakers at the Event include Airbus and The UK Technology Strategy Board.

5th March 2008 - Diamond Hard Exhibit at Space Advanced Technology Showcase at RAL.

Diamond Hard participated as one of 50 exhibitors at the recent Space Advanced Technology Showcase held at the STRIC (RAL) facilities near Oxford. The event attracted around 300 industry professionals focusing on the future of the UK Space Industry. Diamond Hards' Adamant™ material and process were originally developed for use in Space Technology where friction in moving components is a critical issue.


Extreme Hardness

Low process temperature

Excellent substrate Adhesion

Low coefficient of Friction

No pre or post treatment

Conformal to surface

Great Abrasion Resistance









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